Hi, I’m Miss Cathy

I’m a studio owner and drama teacher who thrives on creativity & connection.

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Spot the Problem

Make A Plan  

Do the things

Tweak as you go

Work with me one on one

If you’re just getting started or you’re looking for some inspiration to grow or improve your business, you might like to work with me directly. My strengths as a mentor lie in my experience and my empathy. 


  • Connect your values to your strategy
  • Combine your long term plan with your day to day
  • Positive, practical advice
  • I will champion your wellbeing & rest 
  • I’m a teacher at heart
  • I teach with stories – I’ve been there, learned that


Short term problem solving session ($440)

2 x 2 hour sessions to work on one thing

Follow up support over email


Long term mentoring ($330 per month) over 12 months

1 x 60 minute call weekly call 

Messenger or text access for quick questions

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